Virtual Learning Journeys

Working closely with the Department of Education, we design, create and deliver interactive Learning Journeys based on the government’s existing social studies curriculum. 

Our current learning journeys are designed to support local school curriculums. Delivered entirely through an online platform, these educational experiences are aimed at promoting and enhancing the 21st century learning skills of critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration. Each learning experience is approximately 40 minutes long.

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P4 – From Shipwreck Survivor to Settler Society

Module A, SS04-CIV01, 4.SS.C2b
This three-part learning experience for P4 students is an introductory unit that explores Bermuda’s early society and culture. The unit covers the following key themes:

  • Students learn about Bermuda’s earliest visitors.
  • The listen to the story of the Sea Venture through the writing of William Strachey.
  • Meet some of the important survivors and find out why they were heading to Jamestown.
  • Meet Elizabeth Persons, Sea Venture survivor and find out what life was like for the first settlers.
  • Play the Sea Venture Survival Game.
  • Be introduced to the first three Governors and examine the role each played in establishing Bermuda. Who had the most difficult job?

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P4 – Follow The Money: Agriculture

Module C, SS04-ECO01, 4.SS.E1a, 4.SS.E1b and 4.SS.E1d
This three-part learning experience for P4 students is an introductory unit that answers the following key questions:

  • What is the difference between cost and value?
  • What did people do before money existed?
  • What do people do with their money?
  • What does it mean to invest? Case Study: The Somers Isles Company
  • How did Bermuda’s early economy work? How were people paid? Where did the money go?
  • Meet Daniel Tucker, 2nd Governor of Bermuda. How did he keep Bermuda alive?
  • Who came to live in Bermuda and why did they come here?

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P5 – The Development of Slavery in Bermuda

Module B, SS05-CIV03, SS.P5.C1
Module B, SS05-CIV04, SS.P5.C2d

This three-part learning experience for P5 students is an introductory unit that covers the following key questions:

  • Why do people migrate?
  • When and how did people of African descent arrive in Bermuda?
  • How did their lives change once they got  here?
  • What was daily life like for enslaved people on the island? A virtual tour of Verdmont through the eyes of the enslaved.
  • What can we learn about the past from pictures? Using a primary source of evidence.
  • What were slave spirituals? Listening to voices from the past.
  • Why were Slave Laws passed in 1720? What effect did these laws have on the lives of enslaved people?

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P5 - From Slavery to Emancipation

Module B, SS05-CIV03, SS.P5.C1
Module B, SS05-CIV04, SS.P5.C2d

This unit continues to tell the history of the lives of enslaved people, the work of abolitionists, and explores the extent of change after emancipation. There is a work booklet for each session, which will be emailed to you prior to the corresponding session. Please do not share this booklet with students prior to the session. The unit covers the following key questions:

  • Were there any slave conspiracies and rebellions in Bermuda?
  • How are cause and consequence linked?
  • Why did opinions about slavery start to change? Using primary evidence.
  • What was emancipation and how was it celebrated in Bermuda?
  • How did the white people in power in Bermuda keep that power after emancipation?
  • What problems did newly emancipated people face?
  • Where did emancipated people find help? Talk with Dr Michael Bradshaw
  • In Bermuda, how did the lives of emancipated people compare to the lives of white people?
  • Over the next 150 years, who helped to improve the lives of Black Bermudians? What did they do?

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P5 – Follow The Money: Maritime

Module C, SS05-ECO01, 5.SS.E1a, 5SS.E1b and 5.SS.G2a
Module C, SS05-ECO02, 5.SS.E3a
This three-part learning experience for P5 students explores the development of Bermuda’s maritime economy and has a special focus on the role played by enslaved men in the creation of wealth for many of the island’s white population. It covers the following key questions:

  • What is an economy and how does it work?
  • How did Bermuda’s economy grow between 1612 and 1684?
  • How did settlers and the Somer’s Isle Company make money?
  • Who did Bermuda trade with?
  • Interview Governor Nathaniel Butler about Bermuda’s early maritime activities.
  • What happened to The Somers Isles Company?
  • How did enslaved people create wealth for many white Bermudians? Where did that money go?
  • What caused the economic explosion in the 1680’s?

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