Somerset Long Bay East Nature Reserve

Somerset Long bay Property from Ocean.jpg

Somerset Long Bay East Nature Reserve is an extremely valuable part of Bermuda’s natural heritage and biodiversity. A unique feature of the pond in the reserve is that it lies within the Somerset freshwater lens, and so, despite proximity to the sea, it supports an essentially freshwater marsh community, including resident and migratory water birds. Another feature is that there are now small nesting islands in the pond which have been colonised by five species of breeding waterfowl – a record for Bermuda marshes and ponds. As the pond is near the extreme northwestern tip of Bermuda it is an important first landing site for migratory birds searching for freshwater. Many remarkable sightings have been made including a Whistling Swan and a Siberian Flycatcher.

Location: Daniel's Head Road, Sandy's
Phone: (441) 236-6483
Bus Route: 1
Hours of operation: Dawn till Dusk
Admission is free