Bermuda's Architectural Heritage: Pembroke

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Pembroke: Volume Eight of the Bermuda National Trust's series on Bermuda's Architectural Heritage

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Pembroke is the latest in The Bermuda National Trust’s series of books on Bermuda’s architectural heritage. 

Written by leading Bermudian historian Dr Clarence Maxwell, the volume explores the history of the parish from Bermuda’s early days and covers many of Pembroke’s buildings, ranging from Government House to humbler houses on Glebe Road and the North Shore and from ancient vernacular buildings to the modern Bacardi building on Pitts Bay Road.

The series not only traces the history of Bermuda’s oldest and most notable buildings, but the people who built and lived in them. Topics such as the Black Watch Well, the early “common lands”, wooden houses and many other subjects are covered and Edward Chappell, Roberts Director Emeritus of Architectural and Archaeological Research at Colonial Williamsburg, has written penetrating analyses of several of the buildings.


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