Celebrating the Life of Trust Supporter Andrew Trimingham

The Bermuda National Trust offers its condolences to the family and friends of Andrew Trimingham, who passed away in Devon, England on Friday at the age of 82.

Andrew Trimingham was a great supporter and powerful advocate for the National Trust from the time of his return to Bermuda in the 1970s until his death. He was a long-time Council member and President of the Trust from 1985 to 1987. He was also one of a number of Trust members in the 1970s who helped to found the Bermuda Maritime Museum in 1975 and remained a supporter of the Trust’s sister organisation – now the Bermuda National Museum – throughout his life.

Andrew Trimingham’s expertise on Bermuda architecture was invaluable in the evolution of the Old House survey which was driven by his life companion John Adams, the former Government Archivist. The Old House Survey led to the development of the listing system for Bermuda’s old houses, and Andrew Trimingham was chairman of the Historic Buildings Advisory Committee. The Survey also formed the basis for the National Trust’s hugely successful Architectural Heritage Series, and Andrew Trimingham was the author of the first in the series, “Devonshire” and contributed to the second and third volumes on St George’s and Sandy's.

Andrew Trimingham left Bermuda after his retirement and settled in Devon with his friend and life companion, former Bermuda Government Archivist John Adams. He died there on Friday, shortly after celebrating his 82nd birthday in December.

Friends of Andrew Trimingham will remember that he was a passionate advocate of Bermuda’s built heritage and natural environment. He believed that Bermuda’s organically developed style of architecture, Bermuda-made artefacts and open spaces were what made Bermuda unique and attractive to others and was determined to help to preserve them for future generations.  

Protecting the Bermuda Skink


December 6, 2016 - The Bermuda Audubon Society and the Bermuda National Trust have condemned the recent practice of prising rocks from the natural formations and piling them into rock-life formations.

The practice, which has occurred on several occasions in Spittal Pond, is disturbing some of the few remaining habitats for the Bermuda Skink, which is considered to be critically endangered and is protected under the Bermuda Protected Species Act 2003.

Apart from disturbing the habitats of endangered species, prising up and moving rocks can also cause erosion and can disturb plants and ferns.

Audubon Society president Mr Andrew Dobson said: “While we understand that the creation of these rock formations or cairns is sometimes considered to be art, people may not be aware that interfering with nature in this way can have catastrophic effects on other species and can cause major disturbances to the natural environment.”

Bermuda National Trust President Lt Col William White added: “Thousands of people every year enjoy Bermuda’s parks, nature reserves and open spaces, but users need to respect the safety of the species which rely on these areas for their very survival.”

Lt Col White added: “The saying ‘Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints”, is appropriate here. Nature takes thousands of years to evolve and we must take enormous care not to disturb that evolution while we enjoy these areas.”

Parks around the world are dealing with similar problems. The US National Parks Service recently launched an effort in the Southwest states of discouraging cairn-building.

The Audubon Society and the Trust are urging people to desist from this practice, Anyone with information, or who is interested in learning more about the problem, can contact info@audubon.bm or palmetto@bnt.bm

Bermuda National Trust Annual Christmas Walkabout 2016


The charming old town of St. George’s will once again turn on the magic at the Annual Bermuda National Trust Christmas Walkabout.

Now in its 38th year, the Walkabout has grown exponentially in size and popularity in this past decade and is the most profitable day of the year for St. George’s merchants. Each year the feedback is “best walkabout ever!”

This year, the National Trust is introducing a ferry which will bring participants from Albouys Point in Hamilton to St George’s so they can enjoy the Walkabout without spending time in traffic.

“In recent years, as the popularity of the Walkabout has grown, we have had attendees spending too much time in traffic and looking for parking spaces,” said National Trust Development Director Kelly Way.  “Traffic restrictions at the Longtail Bridge will exacerbate this.

“Therefore, with the cooperation of the Department of Marine and Ports, we are introducing a ferry from Hamilton to St. George’s,” she said. “The ferry will take a maximum of 350 people at 5:30pm from Hamilton to St. George’s and will leave St George’s after the fireworks at 9.15pm.

“In addition, the ferry will shuttle people from Marginal Wharf in St David’s to St George’s.  In each case, a maximum of 350 tickets will be sold in advance and only people with tickets will be able to board the ferry.”

For more information and to book tickets, click here

The excitement and romantic “yester year” elegance that the Trust brings to St. George’s should not be missed. Musicians, dancers and carolers will entertain the crowds and refreshments will be available throughout the old town and marked on map that will be distributed on the evening. Children can meet Santa and make Christmas crafts at the Edith Clair Spencer Hall.
We invite everyone to head east to explore some of the oldest continually occupied buildings in the New World which will be decorated and candle-lit for the event.

Old Rectory, Bridge House, Buckingham, Tucker House, Reeve Court and the Globe Hotel will be festively decorated with each offering its own yesteryear experience.

One of the Samaritans' Cottages will also be open for the first time in decades following a careful restoration.

The Bermuda National Trust could not hold this event without a huge amount of community support, our Trust volunteers and our generous sponsor, Butterfield Bank. This year marks our 10th anniversary with Butterfield as our sponsor and we are celebrating with a fireworks display at 9pm.

We look forward to seeing you there and sharing the true spirit of Christmas!

Parking - Tiger Bay/Penno’s Wharf, St. George’s Prep and St. George’s Club Golf Course

Ferry - Beat the traffic and take a ferry service from Hamilton to St. George's or a shuttle ferry service between Marginal Wharf and Penno's Wharf.


Ferry Schedule & Pricing

Leaves Hamilton Ferry terminal at 5:30pm and returns leaving St. George's at 9:15pm

Adult Hamilton to St. George's Return $10

Child Hamilton to St. George's Return $5

Shuttles from Marginal Wharf to Penno's Wharf

Depart every half hour starting at 6:45pm.

Last shuttle back to Marginal Wharf 8:45pm

Adult Shuttle Marginal Wharf to Penno's Wharf $4

Child Shuttle Marginal Wharf to Penno's Wharf $2

Click here to buy tickets.  Availability is limited.


Historic St Peter’s.

6:00–6:30pm Christ Church Bell Choir

6:40 – 7:00 Clearwater Middle School Choir and Strings

6:35–7:05pm Their Majesties Choristers  

7:10 pm–Chas Arnold Recorder Group

Butterfield Bank - our generous sponsor

Truffles and mulled wine in their festively decorated banking hall.

King’s Square

Master of Ceremonies – Town Crier David Frith

6:00–6:35pm Bermuda School of Music

7:00–7:30pm DanceSations

7:30-8:00pm In Motion School of Dance

8:00–8:30pm Jackson School of Performing Arts

8:30pm Band & Corps of Drum of the Bermuda Regiment & the Bermuda Islands Pipe Band

The Globe Hotel (built in 1699) and Trustworthy Gift Shop

BHS Choir


Tucker House

John Cox signing his books

Ebenezer Church

Leviticus Band

Ordnance island

Deliverance Replica

Water Street Menuhin Foundation

Cello Ensemble 6.00-6.45pm

Adult String Ensemble 6.45-7.15pm

Fireworks: 9pm

Pembroke Book Signing: Saturday November, 26

Dr Clarence MaxwellBermudian historian Dr Clarence Maxwell will be signing copies of “Pembroke”, the latest in The Bermuda National Trust’s series of books on Bermuda’s architectural heritage, from noon to 3pm on Saturday, November 26th at Brown & Co.

“Pembroke” explores the history of the parish from Bermuda’s early days and covers many of Pembroke’s buildings, ranging from Government House to humbler houses on The Glebe Road and the North Shore and from ancient vernacular buildings to the modern Bacardi building on Pitts Bay Road.

The highly praised series, not only traces the history of Bermuda’s oldest and most notable buildings, but the people who built and lived in them.

Interesting topics such as the Black Watch Well, the early ‘common lands’, wooden houses and many other subjects are covered and Edward Chappell, Roberts Director Emeritus of Architectural and Archaeological Research at Colonial Williamsburg, has written penetrating analyses of several of the buildings.

Dr Maxwell is Assistant Professor of history at Millersville University in Pennsylvania.

Hardcover books and a special clothbound collector’s edition are available for sale at Brown & Co and other fine stores as well as at the National Trust headquarters at Waterville in Paget and in the Trust’s gift shop in the Globe hotel. Copies of earlier books in the series are also available.

Bermuda National Trust response to the Throne Speech

The Bermuda National Trust welcomed the fact that Bermuda’s environment and heritage received attention in the Government’s Throne Speech on the 7th of November.

The Trust noted with interest plans to facilitate the growth of “the beach economy”.

“We hope that environmental advocates will be involved in consultations to ensure that maintaining Bermuda’s reputation for having pristine beaches is balanced against the need for growth in tourism,” said Trust President Lt Col William White.

Lt Col White also welcomed the development of a National Heritage Policy.

“As the primary advocate for Bermuda’s built heritage and as the custodian of perhaps Bermuda’s largest collection of artifacts, we look forward to consultations on this vital initiative and support all efforts which help to build a greater understanding of our collective heritage,” he said.  

On the environment, the National Trust supported a Green Paper to reduce the use of plastics on the Island and further initiatives to reduce invasive species like Lionfish, and also backed efforts to reduce illegal fishing around Bermuda.

The Trust also welcomed plans to remove the eyesore of the former Devon Springs Recycling Plant and to replace it with a playground and hopes that this will be expedited.  

William Sears Zuill M.B.E. Director Emeritus of the Bermuda National Trust

William Sears Zuill M.B.E.

Director Emeritus of the Bermuda National Trust

Director 1972 to 1990 

The Bermuda National Trust laments the passing of William Sears Zuill MBE. William Zuill was the first Director and first full time employee of the Bermuda National Trust, and served in this capacity for 18 years until his retirement in December 1990. As such, he was an integral part of the history of the Trust since its inception in 1970. 

The Historical Monuments Trust was established in 1937 to safeguard Bermuda’s heritage through ownership of historically important houses and open space. William Zuill contributed to the work of the Historical Monuments Trust alongside his father and others prior to 1970.  He was instrumental in implementing the complex handover of Historical Monuments Trust properties and collections to the newly formed Bermuda National Trust. He also was integral to the rapid increase in the membership and community respect for the new organization, and its acquisition of additional properties and collections to preserve more of our natural and built heritage. I quote from the Bermuda National Trust Newsletter of January 1991 “During his tenure the Trust has grown from guardians of 12 properties and two open spaces to trustees of 60 properties of all sizes and descriptions. This increase of incredible proportions has all taken place under Mr Zuill’s dedicated guidance.“

The Christmas Walkabout was his idea in 1978. It was originally a Christmas party for Trust members with events in each of the major St George’s properties held by the Trust to engage the membership in our historic properties. The Children’s Nature Walk was also created to do the same in places of natural beauty, and the Palm Sunday Walk, started in 1974, introduced members to parts of Bermuda they could not normally reach. These annual events are now attracting so many Bermudians they are truly national events, and have far surpassed their humble origins.

William Zuill was an accomplished author, and many of his works form part of the educational publications of the Bermuda National Trust.  He contributed to the first publication of “Held in Trust” and wrote and paid for the production of “Footsteps in the Sand” to provide historical content as a companion to the 400th Anniversary of the beginning of human habitation in Bermuda. His “The Story of Bermuda and her People” is now in its third edition and his latest publication, “The Pirate Menace”, was the subject of a very entertaining talk he gave only last year at Verdmont as part of the Bermuda National Trust series of museum chats.

In addition to his work with the Bermuda National Trust, William Zuill was also very active in the development of the National Trust movement around the world. He chaired the committee responsible for hosting the fifth International Conference of National Trusts in Bermuda in 1989 which was attended by 53 delegates attending from 23 Countries. This conference was one of the many activities organized as part of the Bermuda National Trust’s 20th Anniversary. His leadership and advocacy within the international arena resulted in William Zuill becoming a founding member of the International National Trust Organisation. INTO has grown so that today it has a membership of almost 70 National Trusts from around the world. 

On behalf of Bermuda National Trust members, staff and Council, past and present, I thank William Sears Zuill for his invaluable contribution to the work of the Trust, and quote again from that newsletter of 1991 “An era has ended, of that there is no doubt. And we look back with gratitude and thanksgiving, for William S. Zuill was the right man in the right place at the right time.”

Lt Col William K White

Council President, Bermuda National Trust

Bermuda National Trust Welcomes Bermuda Olympic Association Monument Decision

September 29, 2016 - The Bermuda National Trust today commended The Bermuda Olympic Association (BOA) on its decision to drop plans to install the Olympic Wall on the grounds of City Hall on a temporary basis and instead to place it in its permanent location at the National Sports Centre immediately.

The Trust had concerns about the placement of the Wall at City Hall but chose not to object on the basis that the location was a temporary one.

However, the Trust welcomed the BOA’s announcement, saying that the NSC was the most appropriate location for the Wall as the NSC served the whole of Bermuda and City Hall should be reserved for monuments dedicated to Hamilton. The Trust had also been concerned that the monument was to be located in the direct sightline of the Grade 1-listed City Hall and would obscure the view of the historic landmark.

Said Trust President William White: “We agree with the BOA that the site at Roberts Avenue is the most appropriate location for a monument to sporting achievement and will serve as an inspiration to the many sportsmen and women, spectators and young people who use the NSC’s facilities on a regular basis.

“We do not know all of the factors that went into the BOA’s decision, but the effect of the decision is the right one from an aesthetic and cultural standpoint and we commend the BOA and the National Sports Centre Trustees for this decision.”  

2016 Bermuda National Trust Awards



We celebrated the incredible work of a number of individuals and organisations at our Annual Awards ceremony held at Elbow Beach Hotel on the 23rd of June, 2016.

The packed hall saw certificates and trophies presented by his Excellency the Governor George Fergusson, Minister of Environment Cole Simons and Leah Scott, representing the Ministry of Education.

The Trust has been presenting the awards annually for four decades to individuals, organisations, groups and schools who have worked for the benefit of Bermuda and its people, to preserve places of beauty or historical interest, buildings, artefacts, lands and animal and plant life, and to promote their appreciation.

Awards List

Education and Young Environmentalist awards

Education School Programmes Certificates: Lyceum Preschool for transforming an uninspiring concrete deck into an exciting outdoor classroom.

Wee Environmentalist Award: Southampton Preschool for the survey ‘TAG — you’re it!’ on recycling habits at the west-end primary schools.

The Education School Programmes Certificates: Somersfield Academy for their water bottle and drinking fountain initiative.

The Michael Darling Shield: Saltus Grammar School for The Saltus Island project.

Young Environmentalist awards

• JP Didyk for his passion for a healthy environment and for creating ‘Clean Habitats’

• Kairo Morton and Yassine Chentouf for creating an APP to identify and record ghost nets in the ocean

• Magnus Henneberger for his work as a youth Ambassador for Plastic Tides

Awareness Awards

• Ag Show Ltd for organising the return of the Bermuda Agricultural Exhibition

• Hidden Gems of Bermuda Ltd. for the popular and successful eco-tourism company

• Bacardi International for the sustainable initiative that provides employees bicycles to travel around Hamilton

The Deforest Trimingham Award: gassProductions for the Ocean Vet Series

Awareness and Environment Awards

• Groundswell for the popular annual Lionfish Tournament

• Bermuda Audubon Society and Deloitte for the Seymour’s Pond Nature Trail

• Bermuda Zoological Society for the Trunk Island restoration project

• Natasha Butterfield for cleaning up and maintaining the former Railway building and trail off Camp Hill in Warwick

The Patsy Phillips Bermudiana Award: Gertrude Gierlinger for 30 years of Bluebird rehabilitation

Preservation and Architecture Awards

Architecture Award: Germano Botelho — BotelhoWood Architects for the sensitive renovation of Elm Lodge Cottage, Harbour Road, Warwick

Preservation Awards

• Joy Rothwell and David Fox for the attractive restoration of the exterior of 13 Water Street in the Town of St. George’s

• Ministry of Public Works, Horsfield Landscape and Design Ltd. For building the Bermuda stone wall in the traditional style at the bus stop at the junction of Chapel Road and Middle Road, Paget

• BCM McAlpine — carpenters Hans Bruun, Kenneth Burch and Emanuel DeMelo for outstanding carpentry work on Springfield’s Verandah

• Wedco for restoring the windows of Building No. 9 Dockyard

The Clipper Award: Richard Lowry for commitment to the island’s built heritage and contributions to the Bermuda National Trust

Trust Honours

Staff Long Service Awards are awarded to acknowledge outstanding commitment to the Bermuda National Trust

5 yrs + Vincent Chaves, Donella Perinchief, Duane Symonds, Jackie Robinson

10 yrs + Randy Denbrook

25 yrs + Saleem Madyun

Service Awards are awarded to acknowledge outstanding voluntary service and support to the Bermuda National Trust:

• Connie Dey for her outstanding voluntary commitment to the Trust

• Steve Woodward for managing the Bermuda National Trust audit for 10 years

President’s Award

Awarded by the president of the Bermuda National Trust for a service, gift or contribution supporting the mission of the Trust: • The Estate of Jean Cox Spence for donating the historic house Devondale and its 10 acres of woodland and farmland to the Bermuda National Trust

The Palmetto Award is the National Trust’s highest annual honour and is awarded for outstanding service to the community in areas of concern to the Trust or service to the Trust itself

• Diana Chudleigh for enduring commitment and service to the Trust over many years and most recently, the Tucker House guide book and garden redesign

Annual Action and Jumble Sale

National Trust Auction and Jumble Sale kicks off

March 1, 2018 - The Bermuda National Trust’s annual Auction and Jumble Sale kicks off today with hundreds of bargain hunters and lovers of antiques and Bermudiana descending on the Botanical Gardens.

Two 18th Century Bermuda cedar chests are among the highlights of Saturday’s auction, whose preview starts today. The chests, donated by a Bermuda family, are fine examples of the high standards of workmanship of Bermudian cabinetmakers.

The chests are in excellent condition and in one case, still have the staple hinges which were typical of the original chests. The Trust is very grateful for this exceptional and generous gift.

The larger chest dates back to the 1790s and the earlier, Chippendale chest is a fine example of Bermudian cabinetwork.

The auction also features other Bermuda cedar antiques, including a rare cedar tea table with a scalloped curtain and two rocking chairs.  There is also a wide selection of mahogany antique furniture, including a tilt top breakfast table and a Victorian four poster bed.

There are several outstanding pieces of art. A Charles Lloyd Tucker pen and ink drawing of a fishing boat at Front Street is one of the highlights, and there are also two Chris Marson watercolours.

A sterling silver tea turn from 1890 is in excellent condition, and there is also a full set of Royal Worcester Beaufort bone china.

There are at least three antique dining tables and there is also an excellent set of six English Rosewood dining chairs. 

At the jumble sale, which started today, there is some excellent jewellery and fine housewares, in addition to more than 3,000 items covering every imaginable category for the home.

The auction preview and jumble sale take place today from 8.30am until 6.30pm and to9morrow from 8.30am until 2pm. The auction starts at 10am on Saturday – rain blow or shine.

2018 Auction Preview Catalogue.pdf 

 Congratulations to the BNT 2017 Raffle Winners!


SAMARITANS' COTTAGES - newly planted gardenSamaritans Cottages newly planted garden

End To End Catlin Grant 2008