Trust Talk : Dance Bermuda by Conchita Ming

Trust Talk : Dance Bermuda by Conchita Ming

Nov 02, 2017 6:00 pm

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Trust Talk : Dance Bermuda by Conchita Ming
Author Conchita Ming will be leading a talk on her new book Dance Bermuda. This fascinating work was researched over 10 years and explores the evolution of dance in Bermuda charting the history of dance on the island from the 1700s to modern day covering colonial-era classes, gombey troupes, hotel ballrooms and ballet.

Conchita is a well-known Bermudian dancer and choreographer, having taught at the Jackson School of Performing Arts for over 25 years, and has choreographed for many local theatre productions and charities. In 2010, Conchita was awarded an OBE for her work in the community and a Bermuda Arts Council Founders Award for contributions to local dance in 2013.This talk promises to offer unique insight into Bermuda’s dance history, of which little has been told before.

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