Walking Tours in St. George’s: The Yellow Fever Conspiracy

12 June 2021 11:00 – 12:30

Delve into Bermuda’s unwitting role in this devious plot.  Discover how Bermuda played an unwitting role in a Confederate plot to use biological warfare during the US Civil War. Starting at the Globe Hotel, this guided tour begins with a visual and interactive presentation that sets the scene. This is followed by a walking tour of key sites involved in this nefarious and devious conspiracy! Tours will meet at the Globe (opposite St. Peter’s Church)

This tour is for Saturday, June 12th and will begin at 11:00am and end at 12:30pm. Tours MUST be booked online, click the link below to book your tour.

Following Covid-19 protocols, we require all visitors to bring a mask and observe social distancing. Hand sanitizer will be provided.

Admission: Non-Members $20; Members $15; Seniors $15; Children (8 and over) $10; Children (under 8) Free.


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