Environmental Volunteering

A volunteer from Zurich Re at Eve’s Pond.

The Trust’s environmental conservation programme relies on a team of dedicated volunteers who help to restore and maintain our protected open spaces.

We offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities to suit all ages, abilities and availability. You may wish to take part in a one-time event or be a part of a longer term project: the roles are flexible and the work is varied. Tasks may include the removal of invasive species, planting native flora, grass sowing, landscaping and picking up litter. Volunteers may join as a corporate group, school group, family or individual.

To register your interest please visit our Volunteer page or email palmetto@bnt.bm. We will contact you with our next volunteering opportunity. 



Cedarbridge students use logs to cantilever a large Pride of India trunk from the road way to Paget Marsh during a National Trust clean-up of the area. (Photo by Mark Tatem)

The AIM programme is designed to Activate, Inspire and Motivate students through volunteering in the environment and at our historic buildings and landmarks. It gives students the opportunity to fulfill their community service requirement with meaningful charitable giving.

Combining community service, education and the great outdoors facilitates youth development, character building and career opportunities.

AIM provides a wide range of options for volunteering, from clearing invasive species in our nature reserves to painting railings surrounding an historic cemetery.  Every activity brings students into contact with their natural or cultural heritage, under the direction of a knowledgeable supervisor, and aims to  inspires in them a desire to protect our shared heritage.

To register as student please fill in the application form and email palmetto@bnt.bm .

Come and join our cause, learn new skills, explore new places and meet new people!